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Infrared Imaging
Thermal imaging is the finest tool available in preventative maintenance. Infrared scanning identifies the presence of abnormal heat in electrical systems, which can help prevent equipment trouble. The process gives you detailed photographic record of any problems detected, so you can take action before you have costly shutdowns and outages. 
Why Choose Milestone Electric?

Where some companies can only do infrared imaging, we use in house licensed Electricians to perform the imaging. Our electricians can also removed panels and do minor repairs.  
Electrical System Inspections would consist of Electrical Panels, Bus Connections, Motor Control Centers, Circuit Breakers, Power Transformers and Distribution Equipment.
Thermal Imaging benefits your company:

     •Reduces Costly Downtime: Thermography can identify issues well in advance before they become serious problems. 

     •Increase System Reliability-Will detect and identify any hot spots in the system.

     •Eliminate Escalating Repair Bills- Prevents equipment failure. 

     •Provides a Safer Work Enviornment- Identifies fire hazards and reduce risk of system failure.