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Lighting Systems

Milestone Electric provides complete commercial and industrial lighting solutions from repair and emergency maintenance as well as design and installation. Milestone Electric offers:

  • Warehouse Lighting Design and Installation
  • Dimming and Lighting Controls
  • LEED Lighting Layout and Installation
  • High/Low HID Fixtures
  • Parking - Street Lighting
  • Retail Lighting
  • Energy Efficient Flourescent Lighting
  • Accent and Track Lighting
  • Decorative Lighting 
  • Light System Removal
  • LED Lighting
Milestone Electric has a commitment to conserving energy. We are involved on a State and National level with the committees and associations that are controlling the future development of our electrical infrastructure. We are a Trade Ally for the State of Oregon, and have worked directly with the Oregon Energy Trust and Bonneville Power Administration.

What this means is: We are approved by the State of Oregon to be your representative and assist you with the “red tape”. We know the process and have a personal relationship with the individuals that give Energy Tax Credits, upfront project costs, and other incentives that will assist you in getting your projects completed for a fraction of the cost.

Milestone Electric will help you apply for and be approved for these programs and incentives.

We specialize in lighting upgrades and we would love to discuss with you examples of how we can upgrade your lighting, save you money, and conserve energy!

Milestone Electric is reducing the demand on our electrical utilities one project at a time and your involvement with these programs assures that the conservation of our resources will be a priority in the future.

If you are interested in Energy Conservation contact us and let us see where we can help you.