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Mon - Fri 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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Residential Electrical Services

Milestone Electric provides complete residential electrical services customized to your home's specific needs. Our team of licensed, bonded, and insured electricians can handle any residential installation - from upgrades to renovations, routine maintenance, and repairs. We stay on the cutting-edge of industry technology to deliver to you the best possible products and services for increased workability, energy efficiency, and design.

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Upgrades & Remodels

If your electrical system is dated, it may not be able to accommodate the energy needs of modern-day appliances – leading to higher energy consumption and bills. Renovations are the perfect opportunity to upgrade your electrical system to your current and future needs.

Indoor Lighting

Whether it’s track lighting, wall sconces, custom lighting systems, or chandeliers – light fixtures give your home warmth and character. We’ll help you find the perfect lighting solutions for any room that combine energy conservation and design.

Outdoor Lighting

We take special care when designing your landscaping accents, deck lighting, security, and other outdoor lighting systems – utilizing LED solutions that look great and are energy efficient. We’ll work with you to design the perfect solution for your home.

Outlet Installation & Upgrades

Upgrading and routinely servicing your home’s electrical outlets, USB ports, and switches keep your home, family, and devices safe from any potential electrical hazards.

Surge Protective Devices

SPDs not only protect whole electrical installation systems from power surges, they also protect the sensitive electronic equipment connected to the installation. Let us keep your system and devices safe, and prevent unnecessary repairs with surge protector installations.

Electrical Rewiring & Repairs

Make sure your important electrical systems are wired properly and to code by an expert! Our team specializes in electrical wiring for HVAC units, hot tubs, and home spas. We also handle knob and tube wiring replacements and aluminum wiring repairs.

Home Generator Systems

Automatic home generator systems are a critical element of emergency weather preparedness. Our team will install a new generator system that automatically recognizes and corrects an interruption of power – keeping your family and home safe.

Panel Upgrades, Maintenance & Repairs

Electrical panels must be regularly maintained and serviced to prevent electrical fires and outages. Older panels cannot supply the consistent power that modern appliances and technologies need. Our team of professionals will ensure that your panels suit your home’s needs, and are operating smoothly.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Electric vehicles (EV) are a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Our expertly installed residential EV charging stations offer a fast and convenient way to charge your vehicle with low and stable residential electricity rates, avoiding the hassle and expense of public charging stations.